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design - Corien Bögels

background Luisella Kraak


As a university graduate psychology I specialized in the field of Information Ergonomics also called cognitive ergonomics. Cognitive ergonomics is the study of the way in which people perceive information, process and remember it, and take decisions on basis of it using senses as vision, hearing and touch.

Knowledge from the field of Information Ergonomics can help to develop machines, systems and software, not in the least websites, in such a way that they can be optimized for the people that use them. This field of application is also called Interaction Design.

After graduating in Psychology (1988), I have worked on man-machine communication (TU Eindhoven) and applied ergonomical research (TNO Soesterberg, Arbo management Groep, Utrecht).
In 1998 I completed an application oriented course in internet advise. Consequently I have worked in a number of projects on technical en ergonomical aspects of dynamic websites.